A Black & White Welcome.

We don’t usually like to say or think that things are black and white. It feels like we are leaving a lot of options behind and we are being pristine about our choices. So we move in between the black and the white and we choose some shades of grey and then some shades of other colours to give us choices until we feel we have a complete spectrum.

I didn’t feel the need for additional colour options at Tate Modern. The building of one of the most representative art institutions in the UK is black and white. The halls, the corridors, the exhibition rooms all have high walls and high ceilings, making the monochrome set-up even brighter. It is true that the way finding around the gallery is in a variety of colours, but it only punctuates the blackness and the whiteness. It does not take away from it.

Probably one of the most impressive buildings I have ever seen, the Tate Modern also reminded me of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

It is a good idea to use black and white in museums. It invites people in and puts the focus on the art.

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