I Have Developed A Pavlovian Relationship With Italian Food.

Courtesy of my recent trip to Florence and of the splendid food I experienced on the occasion, my salivary glands go into overdrive whenever I hear or see words such as “Italian Food”, “Italian Restaurant”, or “Tagliatelle al salmone” in my proximity.

I was planning on a relatively innocent weekend, at least in as much as going out and eating out is concerned. Saturday lunchtime yoga class done and dusted, subsequent sauna session done and dusted, I underwent a quick decision-making process as to what I should be doing with the rest of the day. And The Other Art Fair on Brick Lane came out a winner.

On my way there on Aldgate High Street, a lovely restaurant window caught my eye. It sported some finely cured meats and jars full of delicacies. You know the kind I am talking about: those jars with carefully and simply-executed packaging that make you think that the goose and all its golden eggs are tucked in inside.

Then my eyes rolled onto the inside of this mysterious place, through the window, falling on a sign that read “Tagliatelle” and something else. Bells went ringing and the whole digestive alarm went off when I actually noticed that I had been inspecting an Italian restaurant.

Satyrio opens at 5pm on Saturdays, so my visit at The Other Art Fair was a mix between taking in all the beautifully talented work that was on display and asking myself “Is it 5 o’clock yet?”.

Alas, it finally struck 5pm and I made my way decisively and intently towards the restaurant that I could not get out of my head and that was promising to delight my taste buds. I can say for sure that I was their first client this Saturday afternoon, as I arrived promptly around 5 and a half and already had my mind set on a serving of tagliatelle with whatever they had on the menu.

I opted for tagliatelle with king prawns and truffles, which washed down beautifully thanks to a lovely glass of white. I loved the flavours on the plate, the juiciness and the softness of the prawns and the taste of the truffles, although in hindsight the only thing I would have liked done differently is for all of this goodness to arrive in a bigger-sized dish.

I even went for dessert and a decaf espresso after my meal, which transported me back to August and to the mornings I spent at La Menagere sipping my coffee and taking in the life of the nearby streets.

In addition to making and selling Italian food, Satyrio is also a wine shop. Its wall full of bottles of “Bacchus’s finest liquor” is something else. Pity their sommelier was off duty when I visited – I would have picked his brains about some of their wines.

I left Satyrio feeling happy with my overall experience and wanting to return. Now I just need to work out how to marry my love for dining out, Italian dining out, and instant gratification with a sense of moderation. It sounds very Marcus Aurelius of me, but when in Rome…

Irina Gheorghe_Satyrio_2Irina Gheorghe_Satyrio_3Irina Gheorghe_Satyrio_4

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