Bryant Park.

I love Bryant Park.

A jewel of a place.

With me since the first time I visited New York, took the 7 into Manhattan, got out at 42 Street, lifted my eyes and saw the skyscrapers opposite the train station; then turned left and saw the sea of trees and the park.

With me when I went back to New York last year, got up one morning, got a cup of coffee and walked to Bryant Park, sat on a bench and enjoyed it ahead of 10am when everyone was going into work.

With me last winter, when I was walking up and down Manhattan, stopping at the Bryant Park winter fair, admiring the skating rink, trying out the Facebook VR booth, and window-shopping at the different winter shops.

With me when Marnie and I went out for a walk one Friday afternoon, stood at the bar in Bryant Park and lunched in the New York cold. Actually, Marnie had a drink. LOL.

It will be there the next time I am in New York. Fresh and quiet, quietly quieting down the noise around it.

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