Why #squaredonline

Experience has taught me that the only things worth doing are the ones I commit to. With this in mind, I joined the January cohort of #squaredonline and took a six-month plunge into digital marketing.

Why did I join? It wasn’t a New Year’s Resolution. According to the statistics shared by the media (at least with regards to going to the gym), I should have probably given up on this course by the end of January if it had been a mere resolution. And by the way, I did resolve to go to the gym in the New Year and I’m still attending. As a matter of fact, I’m thinking of running my first 5K in March and then gradually taking it up from there.

To tie this in with a very animated conversation thread on our LinkedIn group, I joined because I had to and because I wanted to.

What would I like to get out of it? Digital has been on a constant increase and, imagining the possibilities around it, it feels that we are living in a time when it’s showing what it can really do. Technology, consumer behaviour, client budgets and agency agendas have been pushing digital – so yes, at the end of the course, I’d like to be better equipped in the workplace and able to guide clients from a digital point of view.

But digital is more than just a skill at work. It has shown the ability and inclination to change and reshape human behaviour – at individual or organisation level – and it’s this force of change that made me want to join the course. It feels like there is a world of opportunity out there – and digital can be a good tool to make the most of it.

Therefore, beyond the digital skills and / or technical knowledge that I’d like to have at the end of the course, what I’d most be happy to possess is the mindset and the thought frameworks that would allow to make the most of the digital opportunity.

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