A Serious Case of Good Marketing @NairnsOatcakes.

Raluca and I walked back to the Strand passing by Holborn and stopping @Sainsburys across the street from the tube station. She was looking for some vegan treats, so we spent about 15 minutes roaming through the aisles.

I had no shopping plans, but I ended up buying a packet of Nairn’s Oatcakes to snack on. I had tried them before, but today has been the first time I have literally devoured a full packet. They are a bestseller and I will look for them again for sure.

Leaving aside that they are filling and so+ good, I really liked the marketing @NairnsOatcakes. My ‘professional’ instincts kicked in shortly after we left the supermarket and I opened up the packet. First, they offered me the chance to munch on rough Oatcakes and also try their chocolate biscuits by placing 2 free chips inside. A clever way to let me know of the other flavours they produce and sell. As I have already tried them, have no excuse to not know of their existence and have a weakness for chocolate, it’s a signed deal.

Secondly, they have placed a 50p off coupon inside the packet and have given me a +50% discount on my next purchase. Not that I needed that incentive after convincing myself that this is really cool stuff, but it’s a nice gesture. 🙂

And then I logged on to their website and found a good design, a whole range of products, recipes and suggestions on how to use them, a lot of  events and even a consumer community.

Super-cool stuff. I’d like to see this extra-market marketing effort in many other food brands.

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