La Menagere, Firenze.

I have already written about La Menagere in the post that now lives on Vocal Media. It is nevertheless a sort of a timeless place, one that perhaps is at its best during the summer.

It feels like it is during the summer that the doors of this restaurant remain fully open throughout the day. You can see inside it as you walk down the street and stop – because its interior does indeed draw you in.

On the one side, there is a long communal table adorned with massive silverware and wild flowers. Decadent chandeliers give light from above. When you think that the space has nothing else to offer and you have taken all of it in, you notice a piano at the back of the room. The space is not simply for wining and dining. It can help you enjoy yourself as well.

On the other side, across the wall that separates La Menagere in two, is the design and coffee shop. Tables and benches are sprinkled throughout this space. People sit at them, in ones, in twos, enjoying their food, their double espressos, their books or – quite rarely – their computers.

Outside La Menagere, a row of coffee tables allows customers to enjoy themselves. In the midst of the summer heat, in the midst of the busy city, I enjoyed myself at La Menagere and was grateful for the respite it provided.

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