Magnolia Bakery near Perry Street.

I took two stabs at finding it, because I was stubborn enough to get from Midtown to the Village on foot rather than take the subway.

I believe this is the first shop Magnolia opened in New York. Located in the Village, in an area full of brownstone houses and boutique shops, it must have grown quietly and steadily selling one cake and cupcake at a time.

I first learned about Magnolia Bakery when a friend told me on a previous visit to New York that it had featured in Sex and the City. I had to see it as a fan of the show. With Perry Street, the set of Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment around the corner, it is a treat for anyone who enjoyed the adventures of the New York writer and her friends. So enjoy it I did that late October or November evening, when I went into the shop and bought a slice of chocolate cake. I took it to-go and went and sat on the stairs of one of the brownstones on nearby Perry.

It really was a quiet autumn evening in New York. All by myself, I sat down on the stairs of this brownstone and enjoyed my cake. And I don’t say this a lot, but I felt so New York. (And a little like Carrie Bradshaw in one of her chats with her friends in front of her apartment, just a couple of houses away from where I was sitting).

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