D.C.: Among the Greats.

The Mall in Washington D.C. has grandeur about it. It comes from the presidential and commemorative monuments that surround it and from the history and legacy that they evoke. There has not been one monument that I have visited and that has not awed me with the power and strength it has to evoke the past and the principles it has been built on. The Americans have done a great job at celebrating their greats and their achievements. There is something to be learned from their success.

It is unfair to pick a favourite out of all the monuments in the area of the Mall. However, I will.

It is the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. His statue sits at the centre of the construct. His testament is engraved in the walls. Inside the circular memorial, Thomas Jefferson’s statue and his testament inspire and awe and send you back to the time that the Constitution of the United States of America was created and to the principles and values that inspired it. I felt safe and in good hands. Looking out upon the Mall from inside this space, I felt safe as well.

Maybe this is what a strong past does for the future: it bullet proofs it and makes it safe.

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