Free on Freemans Alley.

On 1st of January this year, I ventured out on a long stroll through New York City. I walked across Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan and a few streets into the Lower East Side found Freemans Alley.

It is a place known for two things: the former is interesting graffiti and quirky advertising messaging (here some work by this guy called Dirk). The latter is Freemans, a restaurant at the end of the alley.

It has been designed by Tavoo Somer and William Tigertt, who ran into the space as they were looking for a good party location. More here.

The two have designed the space in a way that the richness of the decor, the old furniture and the taxidermy create a space where you want to rest, relax, spend time and indulge. It is funny how decadence and taxidermy, despite speaking of decrepitude, can invite to relaxation and rest, and design a space that is very close to a dreamy albeit eerie world.

After finishing my meal, I asked the hostess if I could have a look around the restaurant. This is how I discovered the rooms on the second floor and established that, the next time I am in New York, I will venture out there again for brunch, dinner or a simple latte and a luxuriant dessert.

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