The Design Lesson.

Design flows with the purpose it meets and changes colour, material and shape to become a part of its environment every time it is created. It flows with the age it is created in and progresses with time. It renews for existing circumstances, though its past forms are regarded as important milestones on the timeline of aesthetic and creative evolution. Many times we find them in museums.

Design never holds on to its past on the way where it is going. It peels off unneeded layers to stay true to itself, to its core and to move forward. It is birthed at the confluence of creation, inspiration and time and emerges at the pressure point between creative drive and current needs. Sometimes the purest forms of design are born from the fire of internal creative tension and external challenges faced by their creators.

Design changes across landscape, season and time to fulfill its purpose and sometimes create a new role for itself. Some designs have not even been birthed yet, because their time has not yet come.

Sometimes design itself acts as the grand master. We can all learn something from it.

Except for me.

I’m a real piece of work.

Or work of art.

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