Caprices and Capri

There’s something about Capri that makes you want to spoil yourself.

40 minutes by boat from boiling, overcrowded Naples, Capri has that kind of quietness and tranquillity that only an island can provide. Buffered by the sea and capped by the sun, time seems to pass slowly, inviting you to lie on a chaise longue – or perhaps on the deck of a yacht – and wrestle a plate of Roman grapes while you’re sniffing the breeze.

When you’ve bored yourself of this obnoxious pastime, you can embark on a boat – or on a yacht – tour of the island. It’s the best way of sizing up the place, the hot spots, the waters, and evening your tan.

And when you reach the famous grottas, where the sunlight turns the water into unseen shades of emerald and turquoise, it’s time to call yourself blessed for witnessing the wonder and breathe in the sea air to make sure the feeling sinks in.

Finally, when your boat – or yacht – passes through I Faraglioni, the moment is right to gratefully bow down to Divinity and all that It’s created on the Island of Capri.

Postcard from Capri

Waters of Capri

Postcard from Capri 2

I Faraglioni

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