ZMOT and Customer Journeys, What a Rollercoaster #squaredonline

One of the biggest takeaways from Module 3 has been companies’ need to understand customers now more than ever.

Leaving aside the variety of traditional media channels that allow them to get their products and services in front of customers, there is also a wide variety of digital channels (websites, Social Media, mobile) and tools that inundate companies with data about their customers’ behaviours.

The blessings of customer data and information can be overshadowed by the desire to act on every type of information source and incorporate it in the mix. This is sometimes done without truly checking its relevance for customers or the bespoke product or service brand.

Building marketing with customer journeys and ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) in mind allows marketing to be lean, refined and purposeful.

To do this, however, companies and marketing departments need to:

1) Clarify or develop a long-term vision and clean the company or its marketing of initiatives that do not take it towards the desired vision;
2) Take a critical review of its marketing, research its marketplace and customers, and understand its customer journeys along the way;
3) Do smarter marketing, i.e. tailor marketing to customer journeys. Test the marketing, measure and trim it to get the best results.

Doing marketing with ZMOT in mind may be different from how a lot of companies are doing this at the moment, but again, it’s the way forward in a landscape that’s getting busier – perhaps it is the only way to hear your own voice.

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