#Vesuvius: the day I climbed a volcano

“…Non v’e sguardo umano, in questa regione, che la sera si chiuda senza aver guardato la cima della montagna.” I understand the need to look in the direction of the volcano if you live in the region of Mt. Vesuvius. Your home and your life are at the feet of a force that has struckContinue reading “#Vesuvius: the day I climbed a volcano”

Land ahoy!

Patience is a virtue (that we’re all working on). Of late, I’ve been making slow, albeit unintended progress, in some areas where patience is required. Like my travel plans, for instance. I was going through my old computer yesterday, deleting unwanted files and transferring the desirable ones onto my Passport, when I came across a folder unequivocallyContinue reading “Land ahoy!”