Travels of the heart and soul. Musings of the mind.

There are places in this world that resonate with who I am.

That is a hell of a profound thing to say.

The countryside I grew up in resonates with who I am, perhaps because it is where I was made. The greyish buildings in the old part of Edinburgh covered in the morning mist resonate with me, as did the cup of hot chocolate I had at the hotel while the fire was crackling in the fireplace.

There are the beaches of Lindos, of Rhodes, of Capri and of my home country with shellfish sands and heart-warming sun and brownish tans.

There are the cold days and mornings of Scandinavia, which I never expected to fall in love with but apparently hibernation agrees with me.

There are places I sense resonate with me as well. I get the sense I will love Cuba and Argentina, Morocco, and the Middle East when the time comes for me to visit them.

There is my home country, which is in my bones, which resonates with me.

There is New York. My heart is there at the moment and I am afraid it wants to never come back. I feel disjointed as a result.

Vocal Media.

I have found Vocal Media, a publishing platform where you can post your stories for the wider world to read. I feel the benefit is that the platform already has traction, bespoke communities with bespoke interests and followers.

I have decided to post there every now and then as a way of channelling the energy I seem to have at the moment for writing.

My first story is related to my recent trip to Florence and to all the thoughts that were going through my head. Those who know me already know that would be a lot of thoughts.

Here goes.

Sunsets in Botswana.

Dusk. My favorite time of the day. Dawn too actually but unless I’m up at that hour to got to set or a photoshoot I usually just catch the other magic hour, later on the day.

African sunsets are my favorite, especially the ones in Botswana. Something about the bronzing in the light blue sky as a backdrop of the savannah is really special. And if you happen to capture that moment in the farmland or village then you’ve really hit nature’s jackpot. No obstructive skyscrapers. No imposing bridges. No gaunt steel and concrete constructs or architectural structures enticing the tourists, tricking them with their man-made ‘beauty’. It’s just the earth as is without any human fuss. It’s untouched. It’s rare.

I love sunsets in Botswana. The sound of the crickets coming to life and colors of the clear skies melting together. The aka ‘magic hour’ is truly appreciated when you witness our dusks. That’s when I’m reminded of God’s delicate and intricate work. I’m reminded of how I pale in comparison. That humble reminder is necessary for me.

If you can, park yourself on the veranda, cradle a hot mug of Rooibos tea (or “bush” tea as we affectionately call it) and take in the sun as it meets the horizon.

Author Bio: Kele Mogotsi is the founder of Nude Coat, a personal style jewelry and accessories blog for women who love minimal aesthetics in neutral tones. As a globetrotter, she shares personal stories and anecdotes in her jewelry from around the world. She believes when it comes to fashion and accessories, less is more and shows that any and every woman can embody simple, sexy and sophistication in their style.

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Snapshots of the largest art gallery in the world.

I remember reading a leaflet about Stockholm when I visited last year.

It was about the programme it put in place to turn its tube stations into individual art pieces and I remember thinking how exciting an idea it was: take spaces that are usually made out of grey concrete slabs and turning them into unique pieces of work.

And just like that, tube stations turned from spaces you don’t normally observe and would like to get out of into spaces that you visit on purpose and admire one by one.








Land ahoy!

Patience is a virtue (that we’re all working on). Of late, I’ve been making slow, albeit unintended progress, in some areas where patience is required.

Like my travel plans, for instance.

I was going through my old computer yesterday, deleting unwanted files and transferring the desirable ones onto my Passport, when I came across a folder unequivocally called ‘My Travels’.

Written towards the end of 2013 (in the spirit of New Year’s resolutions) was a list of worldwide travels that I was aiming to have done and dusted by the end of 2014.

I sort of giggled at the global scale of those travels and at the fact that 95% of them still have to be accomplished – but in light of the 5% locations I have managed to see, I understood the following:

  • Time is hopefully not running out, so there will be a chance to see all the locations I’m interested in over the next years; there’s no need to cram the entire globe into 365 days – it doesn’t do it any justice and it would be immensely expensive.
  • It’s best to progress this “whirlwind tour” with one location at a time rather than all at once, which is highly unfeasible anyway :).
  • Which is why I’ve booked a 5-day getaway to Naples at the start of July.
  • My “to-do” list is ripe with places in and around Naples that I want to see (such as the Amalfi Coast and Capri Island, Vesuvius, Pompeii and Herculaneum) and I haven’t been as excited about going on holiday since Greece 2009 and Barcelona 2014.

I shall post some updates and photos in due course.