Sunsets in Botswana.

Dusk. My favorite time of the day. Dawn too actually but unless I’m up at that hour to got to set or a photoshoot I usually just catch the other magic hour, later on the day. African sunsets are my favorite, especially the ones in Botswana. Something about the bronzing in the light blue skyContinue reading “Sunsets in Botswana.”

Snapshots of the largest art gallery in the world.

I remember reading a leaflet about Stockholm when I visited last year. It was about the programme it put in place to turn its tube stations into individual art pieces and I remember thinking how exciting an idea it was: take spaces that are usually made out of grey concrete slabs and turning them intoContinue reading “Snapshots of the largest art gallery in the world.”

Land ahoy!

Patience is a virtue (that we’re all working on). Of late, I’ve been making slow, albeit unintended progress, in some areas where patience is required. Like my travel plans, for instance. I was going through my old computer yesterday, deleting unwanted files and transferring the desirable ones onto my Passport, when I came across a folder unequivocallyContinue reading “Land ahoy!”