La Menagere, Firenze.

I have already written about La Menagere in the post that now lives on Vocal Media. It is nevertheless a sort of a timeless place, one that perhaps is at its best during the summer. It feels like it is during the summer that the doors of this restaurant remain fully open throughout the day.Continue reading “La Menagere, Firenze.”

Once upon a very hot Neapolitan day.

Boy, is Naples hot. In the south of Italy, it boasts summers that are properly hot. The pavement is melting -; you are driving down the street and your car or scooter wheels are gently sinking in the tarmac -; you hydrate and twenty minutes later you have sweated all your hydration -; you areContinue reading “Once upon a very hot Neapolitan day.”

All Cities Feel the Same in the Summer*.

Walking through London these last two days I felt like walking through cities I’d walked through before. Under temperatures +22 degrees, the city is familiar and quiet and taking its time. On Rosebury Avenue and Shaftesbury Avenue yesterday I felt like walking through quiet and romantic neighbourhoods in New York.  At Piccadilly Circus I relivedContinue reading “All Cities Feel the Same in the Summer*.”