La Menagere, Firenze.

I have already written about La Menagere in the post that now lives on Vocal Media. It is nevertheless a sort of a timeless place, one that perhaps is at its best during the summer. It feels like it is during the summer that the doors of this restaurant remain fully open throughout the day.Continue reading “La Menagere, Firenze.”

Lindos. The Prettiest Village in Rhodes.

It’s been eight years since my summer holiday to Rhodes Island, Greece. To this day, I hold it to be one of the best holidays I have ever been on. I vividly remember that the way I spent my time was representative of an ideal holiday and of an experience I would like to repeatContinue reading “Lindos. The Prettiest Village in Rhodes.”

Benvenutti a #Napoli

Naples resembles the glory of Rome, but its buildings look like they could do with some up-keeping; the Mediterranean vegetation likens it to Barcelona; the heat, the humidity and the nearby sea to the Greek islands. To me, Naples is like a hot summer’s day in a market back home, when the heat scorches youContinue reading “Benvenutti a #Napoli”

Caprices and Capri

There’s something about Capri that makes you want to spoil yourself. 40 minutes by boat from boiling, overcrowded Naples, Capri has that kind of quietness and tranquillity that only an island can provide. Buffered by the sea and capped by the sun, time seems to pass slowly, inviting you to lie on a chaise longueContinue reading “Caprices and Capri”