Snapshots of the largest art gallery in the world.

I remember reading a leaflet about Stockholm when I visited last year. It was about the programme it put in place to turn its tube stations into individual art pieces and I remember thinking how exciting an idea it was: take spaces that are usually made out of grey concrete slabs and turning them intoContinue reading “Snapshots of the largest art gallery in the world.”

Learning about the Vasa @TheVasaMuseum in #Stockholm

Santa Maria, La Nina, La Pinta, Cutty Sark, Titanic – all great ships of their time. Also, all the ship names I could come up with before seeing the Vasa at the eponymous museum in Stockholm. The Vasa is one of the warships commissioned by the King Gustav II Adolf in the 17th century to strengthenContinue reading “Learning about the Vasa @TheVasaMuseum in #Stockholm”

A taste of #Sweden

Looking back, the nicest thing about our brief weekend in Sweden was getting a snapshot of life as it unfolds in this part of the world. I only spent two days there, but they allowed me to sample the country – just as you sometimes take a bite out of an apple and get a feel forContinue reading “A taste of #Sweden”