The last supper.

The looming lockdown has made me revisit the tips and tricks that helped me when the world closed down this spring. And I remembered the parks in the vicinity and the autumnal views that they now offer, Newington Green with its delightful artisanal shops and eateries, the park in the middle of the square whereContinue reading “The last supper.”

From Cradle To Grave.

There are many things in a city that tell a story. Old buildings tell a story, old streets tell a story, museums and art galleries tell another story, the official and the polished one. The back alleys, the derelict buildings, the gardens whose fences have been broken and never fixed, the cars that have beenContinue reading “From Cradle To Grave.”

Mad Man(hattan) Skies.

One of the best things about Manhattan is the celestial display that goes on above the city. In combination with the flickering lights of its skyscrapers, it makes for a spectacle every dusk and dawn. My favourite spectacles were the ones above Midtown, as seen from Long Island every evening as I used to takeContinue reading “Mad Man(hattan) Skies.”

Sweetleaf, 135 Kent Ave., Williamsburg.

There is this place on Kent Avenue in Williamsburg that makes the most surprising coffee I have ever had. I discovered it last autumn when my friend visited me from Virginia and I promised to take her someplace where they made good coffee. I was surprised myself by how good it actually was, when I orderedContinue reading “Sweetleaf, 135 Kent Ave., Williamsburg.”

Of Feathers That Turned Cold.

A while ago, I found a sparrow on the cold sidewalk. It had fallen frozen to its death. I felt sorry for it but I kept on walking lest I was late for my appointment. A couple of blocks later I decided to go back and pick it up to see if it was stillContinue reading “Of Feathers That Turned Cold.”