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  • The breeze that gently blows in Williamsburg.

    An oat flat white and chia seed pudding first thing in the morning. A seat in the sun outside with an eye on the Freedom Tour and an ear on the machines that are drilling holes in the pavement nearby. Dogs coming in and out with their people in tow. Others join me on the…

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  • We need a style revolution.

    Fresh off the 20,000 steps I put in daily in New York, I started thinking of the summer fashion I have seen on display while daydreaming at the world around and the verdict is not pretty.  Short jeans, lousy T-shirts, and trainers on every pair of feet must go. Athleisure must die a short and…

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  • New York, New York.

    It’s the cotton candy sky that rises over Lower Manhattan at 6 o’clock in the morning. The rain that hides the City from Brooklyn during a thunderstorm and the auspicious silence that precedes it. The dewy grass of Bryant Park and the vapour of coffee as you take a seat on of the green chairs…

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  • Celebrating the old & the new.

    I met a writer this summer. She said the pandemic had hindered her ability to write. Work had crept into her home, a space she’d traditionally dedicated to writing, and she could no longer exercise her craft there.  As I have not written in over a year either, I wonder if it’s because of the…

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  • “You haven’t come this far to stop.”

    Over 50,000 runners took part in the New York Marathon in November 2018. And I was one of them. I had decided to participate the year before, selling myself the event as a sightseeing opportunity: “You’ll see parts of New York you haven’t yet seen!”  That was good enough motivation for me, because to me…

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  • “Carrie Bradshaw, love of my life – “

    I am not sure you are always afforded the luxury of going back and rewriting a narrative, a perspective or a part of your own story. Time moves on, people move on, even you move on, therefore going back is sometimes unnecessary, unimportant, no longer something that you feel you need to do. And so…

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  • Hello, Lover.

    This wretched feeling has struck me again and left me at the mercy of the city. My footsteps have found themselves again, they have recognised the pavement, the sound of the streets, the parks. My brain has been inundated with the feelings and memories of all my interrupted stays in New York City throughout the…

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  • “There’s freedom in creativity.”

    I have summed up my experience attending a class in Abstract Painting at Pratt Institute in New York in the following article on LinkedIn.    

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  • New York, Working Up An Appetite.

    A stroll on Perry Street; a visit to the Whitney; a visit to the New Museum; a visit maybe to the MoMA, because why not; coffee at Sweetleaf; dinner at Salt & Charcoal, because I have to have that sushi again; dinner at the Hakkasan, because I have to bust out my best outfits when…

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  • The New York Public Library.

    The New York Public Library is one of those emblematic New York buildings, right there on the map of the great buildings that make the city memorable, alongside the Empire State, the Chrysler, Grand Central Station and the Waldorf Astoria. Built in the 19th century with support from the Lenox, the Astor and other wealthy…

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  • Alice Austen’s House.

    To get to Alice Austen’s House, you need to take the ferry from Downtown Manhattan into Staten Island. I did just that one Saturday afternoon at the start of January keen to make sure I ticked the location off the list of the 111 places I should not have missed in New York. Staying true…

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  • From Cradle To Grave.

    There are many things in a city that tell a story. Old buildings tell a story, old streets tell a story, museums and art galleries tell another story, the official and the polished one. The back alleys, the derelict buildings, the gardens whose fences have been broken and never fixed, the cars that have been…

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