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  • Let’s support local restaurants as they reopen.

    I have been fortunate enough to make amazing memories and experience great moments in restaurants over time. From the restaurants in Bucharest, where I celebrated birthdays, friendships, and local musicians, to the restaurants in New York and on the Eastern coast of the United States, where I discovered cuisines from all around the world and…

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  • Once upon a very hot Neapolitan day.

    Once upon a very hot Neapolitan day.

    Boy, is Naples hot. In the south of Italy, it boasts summers that are properly hot. The pavement is melting -; you are driving down the street and your car or scooter wheels are gently sinking in the tarmac -; you hydrate and twenty minutes later you have sweated all your hydration -; you are…

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  • Benvenutti a #Napoli.

    Benvenutti a #Napoli.

    Naples resembles the glory of Rome, but its buildings look like they could do with some up-keeping; the Mediterranean vegetation likens it to Barcelona; the heat, the humidity and the nearby sea to the Greek islands. To me, Naples is like a hot summer’s day in a market back home, when the heat scorches you…

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  • Caprices and Capri.

    Caprices and Capri.

    There’s something about Capri that makes you want to spoil yourself. 40 minutes by boat from boiling, overcrowded Naples, Capri has that kind of quietness and tranquillity that only an island can provide. Buffered by the sea and capped by the sun, time seems to pass slowly, inviting you to lie on a chaise longue…

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  • Land ahoy!

    Patience is a virtue (that we’re all working on). Of late, I’ve been making slow, albeit unintended progress, in some areas where patience is required. Like my travel plans, for instance. I was going through my old computer yesterday, deleting unwanted files and transferring the desirable ones onto my Passport, when I came across a folder unequivocally…

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