The Cities Outside My Coffee Shop Window.

We spent the ending hours of Easter Sunday in a coffee shop across the street from Leicester Square. Sat at bar chairs close to the window silently eating our soups and drinking our coffees. Looked at people passing by, at the rubbish bags on the pavement, at the shops across the street and at theContinue reading “The Cities Outside My Coffee Shop Window.”

The Webling Continues.

Bogdan and Veronica were going to an event dedicated to the London start-up scene on Friday. Veronica mentioned it to me, so the three of us went there together. The host opened the evening presenting his stories in Silicon Valley and his transition to London. He briefly went through things that impacted the development ofContinue reading “The Webling Continues.”

Weather the Weather.

The first snow London’s seen this winter started falling some hours ago, echoing a late Christmas and long-gone winter holidays. The house is warm and cosy and the whiteness outside the window could be anywhere right now – except it makes me think of my parents’ apartment back home and of all those who stillContinue reading “Weather the Weather.”

The Quick Brown Fox Does Not Jump Over the Lazy Dog. It Rests on the Fence.

I woke up on Thursday night at awful howls coming from our back garden (odd, there aren’t any stray dogs in London), but fell asleep shortly after. When I woke up in the morning, it surprised me the howls were still there – occasionally (that must be an animal or something, it’s been there forContinue reading “The Quick Brown Fox Does Not Jump Over the Lazy Dog. It Rests on the Fence.”

Someone’s Been Here Before.

South Kensington and its red-bricked houses are my favourite promenade on a weekend afternoon in London. They have small surprises for the wondering passer-by, the blue plaques indicating their previous inhabitants of the houses that I find most fascinating. I’d perhaps like to interview or at least meet the people who now live in theContinue reading “Someone’s Been Here Before.”

Sons & Lovers.

I’m not quite sure why I called this post “Sons & Lovers”. If anything, the title may have been prompted to me by the discussion I had with Judy when we went to the Argentinian play on Saturday. We were waiting for the the play to start and looking at the books in the bookstoreContinue reading “Sons & Lovers.”