There’s just no air on the tube sometimes.

On my way home tonight, at the end of a day when I worked and worked myself up over different matters, I took an overcrowded train from Camden to London Bridge. There was no room to throw a needle and I kept my head down playing on my phone in search of privacy and space.Continue reading “There’s just no air on the tube sometimes.”

Quasi-rational and dramatic ramblings prompted by the excessive consumption of #coffee.

9.10ish Friday morning and I muse over the idea of grabbing a cup of coffee on my way to work. Arguments against the deed run through my head, of which I’ll list only a few: “It’s too early to have coffee”, “You haven’t actually had breakfast“, “Isn’t there anything healthier you could have in theContinue reading “Quasi-rational and dramatic ramblings prompted by the excessive consumption of #coffee.”

Welcoming the #newyear with some #londonfireworks.

This New Year’s Eve was good to me and gave me the opportunity to do something I’ve wanted since moving to London – watch the fireworks on the banks of the Thames. Seeing these on TV or up on a big screen wasn’t going to be good enough for a third consecutive year, so IContinue reading “Welcoming the #newyear with some #londonfireworks.”

A Serious Case of Good Marketing @NairnsOatcakes.

Raluca and I walked back to the Strand passing by Holborn and stopping @Sainsburys across the street from the tube station. She was looking for some vegan treats, so we spent about 15 minutes roaming through the aisles. I had no shopping plans, but I ended up buying a packet of Nairn’s Oatcakes to snackContinue reading “A Serious Case of Good Marketing @NairnsOatcakes.”

All Cities Feel the Same in the Summer*.

Walking through London these last two days I felt like walking through cities I’d walked through before. Under temperatures +22 degrees, the city is familiar and quiet and taking its time. On Rosebury Avenue and Shaftesbury Avenue yesterday I felt like walking through quiet and romantic neighbourhoods in New York.  At Piccadilly Circus I relivedContinue reading “All Cities Feel the Same in the Summer*.”

A Rain & Jog-Related Post.

I went jogging today hoping that the weather would hold and that I wouldn’t get home soaking wet. After all, an hour had barely passed since I got dressed to leave the house but it started raining and thundering. Luckily, the weather held. So I was running through the park and the silence that usually setsContinue reading “A Rain & Jog-Related Post.”