Celebrating what has been and what is left.

I met a writer this summer. She said the pandemic had hindered her ability to write. Work had crept into her home, a space she’d traditionally dedicated to writing, and she could no longer exercise her craft there.  As I have not written in over a year either, I wonder if it’s because of theContinue reading “Celebrating what has been and what is left.”

New kids on the block

I have found my fix for when I’m not at The Hoxton. You might know by now that I am a big fan of The Hoxton, the open-lobby hotel with three establishments in London and several outposts in other parts of the world. The views of their outpost in Williamsburg, NY, are breathtaking.  However amazingContinue reading “New kids on the block”

“You’re the girl who’s studying Brand Management, right? Good luck!”

“Thanks!”  One of the perks of the lockdown, and there haven’t been that many, has been the opportunity to know my local area and my neighbours better.  There are five parks nearby, and I could easily knock myself out looping through all of them for my daily dose of physical activity if I wanted to.Continue reading ““You’re the girl who’s studying Brand Management, right? Good luck!””

Let’s support local restaurants as they reopen.

I have been fortunate enough to make amazing memories and experience great moments in restaurants over time. From the restaurants in Bucharest, where I celebrated birthdays, friendships, and local musicians, to the restaurants in New York and on the Eastern coast of the United States, where I discovered cuisines from all around the world andContinue reading “Let’s support local restaurants as they reopen.”

I Have Developed A Pavlovian Relationship With Italian Food.

Courtesy of my recent trip to Florence and of the splendid food I experienced on the occasion, my salivary glands go into overdrive whenever I hear or see words such as “Italian Food”, “Italian Restaurant”, or “Tagliatelle al salmone” in my proximity. I was planning on a relatively innocent weekend, at least in as muchContinue reading “I Have Developed A Pavlovian Relationship With Italian Food.”

D-Pod, Personable Design & Retail.

One of the most beautiful things about a beautifully designed object is that it can make you feel unique. You look at it, at its colour and its shape, and immediately its functional and emotional attributes transfer onto you. You feel current, in the know, and modern. You feel you have good taste in theContinue reading “D-Pod, Personable Design & Retail.”

If You Like Cars, visit “Bond in Motion.”

On a recent Friday afternoon, with a little time to spare, I visited the London Film Museum. I was incentivised by “Bond in Motion”, their exhibition of cars that had featured in James Bond films. Am I glad I went, because the exhibition proved itself to be a great display of four-wheel vehicles that hadContinue reading “If You Like Cars, visit “Bond in Motion.””

The Yard Café. The Best Coffee Shop This part of town.

It is Friday afternoon at the start of April. I am sitting at the communal table in this petit, coquette and extremely lovely coffee shop located fairly close to where I live. It is called The Yard and it lives inside Alexandra Palace train station. You would never expect a place of this kind insideContinue reading “The Yard Café. The Best Coffee Shop This part of town.”

The Argyll Arms.

I started Sunday in a seemingly British fashion and went to the pub for breakfast. Alas, this is no ordinary pub as The Argyll Arms near Oxford Circus has been around since the 1800s. As a listed building, it will probably be around for many more years. Inside, I found mahogany partitions, chandeliers, lilies adorningContinue reading “The Argyll Arms.”