Welcome to your virtual tour.

I recently attended a session at Google Campus, courtesy of being an alumna of Squared Online. Oh, those were the days. It covered some of the innovative projects that Google has recently spearheaded in its work to help digitalise pretty much every other industry out there. One of these has been ‘Google presents – InsideContinue reading “Welcome to your virtual tour.”

Getting Online Education Right #squaredonline

Curious about online education and learning new stuff, I decided to attend several online courses at the start of the year. The former, a MOOC in Content Strategy provided by Coursera.org; the latter, a six-month course in Digital Marketing, Squared Online, provided by Google. One experience in the bag and the other one under way, I’mContinue reading “Getting Online Education Right #squaredonline”

Why #squaredonline

Experience has taught me that the only things worth doing are the ones I commit to. With this in mind, I joined the January cohort of #squaredonline and took a six-month plunge into digital marketing. Why did I join? It wasn’t a New Year’s Resolution. According to the statistics shared by the media (at leastContinue reading “Why #squaredonline”