Salt & Charcoal, South Williamsburg.

I miss this restaurant. Located on Bedford Avenue in South Williamsburg, it is a Japanese grill that is probably also the first restaurant that I became a regular of. I first went in at the start of November last year and watched my monthly bank statements reveal my regular visits every month after that. TheContinue reading “Salt & Charcoal, South Williamsburg.”

Not Your Average Walk Among The Tombstones.

Those looking for a pleasant walk, fresh air and the possibility to admire art at leisure should know that Green Wood Cemetery is a serious contender for any of the museums and parks out there in New York City. I had a very pleasant stroll among the tombstones yesterday. And no, I don’t usually doContinue reading “Not Your Average Walk Among The Tombstones.”

Of Feathers That Turned Cold.

A while ago, I found a sparrow on the cold sidewalk. It had fallen frozen to its death. I felt sorry for it but I kept on walking lest I was late for my appointment. A couple of blocks later I decided to go back and pick it up to see if it was stillContinue reading “Of Feathers That Turned Cold.”