How to be #SansSouci, which means “worry free”.

This year I spent my birthday taking a long walk through the gardens of Sans Souci, a beautiful baroque palace in Potsdam, near Berlin. It was what I wanted: a day out of the maddening city, a new place that I could experience at leisure, and a little bit of solitude to find my thoughts.

New life at #theBerlinWall.

The human spirit is not built for boundaries and borders and those who lived in Berlin when the Wall was up felt the physical and mental confinements of its structure. Most of the wall has been destroyed after its fall and the people of Berlin have since reclaimed the remaining pieces. They have used them asContinue reading “New life at #theBerlinWall.”

Autumn in #Berlin.

Berlin was a much-needed breadth of fresh air and a nice reminder of Europe; a city that is both cool and calm, modern and vintage, fast-paced and quiet. It’s also a place where linden trees are quite at home. If their autumn spectacle is anything to go by, I can only wonder how fragrant the wholeContinue reading “Autumn in #Berlin.”