Design – and all that is around.

Design is the interface that helps us decode the world and everything that is a part of it. It introduces us into what we see and invites us to explore it. Mountains cannot reveal the ore that lies within them when you glance at them for the first time; but the outward layers of thick black rockContinue reading “Design – and all that is around.”

Welcome to your virtual tour.

I recently attended a session at Google Campus, courtesy of being an alumna of Squared Online. Oh, those were the days. It covered some of the innovative projects that Google has recently spearheaded in its work to help digitalise pretty much every other industry out there. One of these has been ‘Google presents – InsideContinue reading “Welcome to your virtual tour.”

Frenetic notes on this #BeatsbyDre ad I’ve watched 30 times.

Truth be told, I skip YouTube ads as soon as the “Skip ad” sign comes on, but the Beats by Dre – Wireless feat. LeBron James one got me hooked. Now that I’ve watched it +30 times, I can sum up that “something” as follows: the opening frames that set the scene in Akron, Ohio,Continue reading “Frenetic notes on this #BeatsbyDre ad I’ve watched 30 times.”

Getting Online Education Right #squaredonline

Curious about online education and learning new stuff, I decided to attend several online courses at the start of the year. The former, a MOOC in Content Strategy provided by; the latter, a six-month course in Digital Marketing, Squared Online, provided by Google. One experience in the bag and the other one under way, I’mContinue reading “Getting Online Education Right #squaredonline”

ZMOT and Customer Journeys, What a Rollercoaster #squaredonline

One of the biggest takeaways from Module 3 has been companies’ need to understand customers now more than ever. Leaving aside the variety of traditional media channels that allow them to get their products and services in front of customers, there is also a wide variety of digital channels (websites, Social Media, mobile) and toolsContinue reading “ZMOT and Customer Journeys, What a Rollercoaster #squaredonline”

The Beauty of Great MVPs: Zagorra #squaredonline

Thinking about the main takeaways from my Module 2 journey with Squared Online, I’d say Malcolm Bell’s talk on the beginnings of Zagorra is a great example of the importance of MVPs (minimum value propositions) in product success. AN MVP ZAGORRA DID NOT HAVE TO SWEAT FOR. As a new business in the (online) marketplace ofContinue reading “The Beauty of Great MVPs: Zagorra #squaredonline”

Setting My Imagination on Fire, #squaredonline: “Robots Will Explore Tate Britain at Night so You Don’t Have To”

If you read, you may have come across the story of a small design studio commissioned by Tate Britain to design four robots that will roam around the gallery at night and stream what they see to anyone online. Phrase over. Leaving aside the first thoughts and questions (“This changes dynamics with the gallery.”, “WhatContinue reading “Setting My Imagination on Fire, #squaredonline: “Robots Will Explore Tate Britain at Night so You Don’t Have To””

Why #squaredonline

Experience has taught me that the only things worth doing are the ones I commit to. With this in mind, I joined the January cohort of #squaredonline and took a six-month plunge into digital marketing. Why did I join? It wasn’t a New Year’s Resolution. According to the statistics shared by the media (at leastContinue reading “Why #squaredonline”

A Serious Case of Good Marketing @NairnsOatcakes.

Raluca and I walked back to the Strand passing by Holborn and stopping @Sainsburys across the street from the tube station. She was looking for some vegan treats, so we spent about 15 minutes roaming through the aisles. I had no shopping plans, but I ended up buying a packet of Nairn’s Oatcakes to snackContinue reading “A Serious Case of Good Marketing @NairnsOatcakes.”

Ich bin kein Politiker: A Young Romanian’s Opinion on the Referendum.

Eins Politics has never been a subject that I followed closely. I have been catching the headlines in politics sporadically, watching the news similarly, forming an impression of our politicians based on the same melting pot and voting every four years on the same impressions. Despite this minimal involvement, I have always chosen to voteContinue reading “Ich bin kein Politiker: A Young Romanian’s Opinion on the Referendum.”

Madonna, Super Bowl & the American Boost.

If only Michael had her stamina. There are some live pop act performances that strike the nail on the head and seal the deal. They have a marketing discourse that is so coherent and well-knit, it’s hard to find a hole in them and not resonate with the act no matter how non-follower of popContinue reading “Madonna, Super Bowl & the American Boost.”