Mustang, by Ford.

Towards the end of my recent six-month stint in New York, I kept exiting the subway at Bedford Avenue, taking the wrong exit (as always) and running into a Ford Mustang. A hot, red Ford Mustang. It stirred a drive to go on a road trip when the winter cleared. Drive it out of NewContinue reading “Mustang, by Ford.”

The Argyll Arms.

I started Sunday in a seemingly British fashion and went to the pub for breakfast. Alas, this is no ordinary pub as The Argyll Arms near Oxford Circus has been around since the 1800s. As a listed building, it will probably be around for many more years. Inside, I found mahogany partitions, chandeliers, lilies adorningContinue reading “The Argyll Arms.”

The Food You Grow On Never Leaves Your System.

I grew up on a garden full of vegetables my grandmother looked after in the country, toast, butter and homemade strawberry and cherry jam, aubergine salad, chicken soup, meatball soup, tripe soup, polenta, fried pork and scrambled eggs, apple pies, a flurry of lamb and pork dishes that my family made for Easter and ChristmasContinue reading “The Food You Grow On Never Leaves Your System.”

Not Your Average Walk Among The Tombstones.

Those looking for a pleasant walk, fresh air and the possibility to admire art at leisure should know that Green Wood Cemetery is a serious contender for any of the museums and parks out there in New York City. I had a very pleasant stroll among the tombstones yesterday. And no, I don’t usually doContinue reading “Not Your Average Walk Among The Tombstones.”

Death will not do us apart.

Everybody knows that the Vikings conquered the seas and the lands beyond them. Closely linked to their ability to master the waters was, I think, the worldview that nature posed no barriers and that the vastness of the surrounding seas was merely an ice rink you could skate across – rather than a hopeless vortexContinue reading “Death will not do us apart.”

Snapshots of the largest art gallery in the world.

I remember reading a leaflet about Stockholm when I visited last year. It was about the programme it put in place to turn its tube stations into individual art pieces and I remember thinking how exciting an idea it was: take spaces that are usually made out of grey concrete slabs and turning them intoContinue reading “Snapshots of the largest art gallery in the world.”

How to be #SansSouci, which means “worry free”.

This year I spent my birthday taking a long walk through the gardens of Sans Souci, a beautiful baroque palace in Potsdam, near Berlin. It was what I wanted: a day out of the maddening city, a new place that I could experience at leisure, and a little bit of solitude to find my thoughts.

New life at #theBerlinWall.

The human spirit is not built for boundaries and borders and those who lived in Berlin when the Wall was up felt the physical and mental confinements of its structure. Most of the wall has been destroyed after its fall and the people of Berlin have since reclaimed the remaining pieces. They have used them asContinue reading “New life at #theBerlinWall.”

Autumn in #Berlin.

Berlin was a much-needed breadth of fresh air and a nice reminder of Europe; a city that is both cool and calm, modern and vintage, fast-paced and quiet. It’s also a place where linden trees are quite at home. If their autumn spectacle is anything to go by, I can only wonder how fragrant the wholeContinue reading “Autumn in #Berlin.”