Once upon a very hot Neapolitan day.

Boy, is Naples hot. In the south of Italy, it boasts summers that are properly hot. The pavement is melting -; you are driving down the street and your car or scooter wheels are gently sinking in the tarmac -; you hydrate and twenty minutes later you have sweated all your hydration -; you areContinue reading “Once upon a very hot Neapolitan day.”

Barcelona, lona, ona.

Here is a throwback to a city that I liked as soon as I set foot in it. I did blog about it when I visited it three years ago; I went on about its architecture, architectural details, and its ideal mixture of sea and mountain landscape. Here is a throwback to its beautiful beachContinue reading “Barcelona, lona, ona.”

Sunsets in Botswana.

Dusk. My favorite time of the day. Dawn too actually but unless I’m up at that hour to got to set or a photoshoot I usually just catch the other magic hour, later on the day. African sunsets are my favorite, especially the ones in Botswana. Something about the bronzing in the light blue skyContinue reading “Sunsets in Botswana.”

Building Down.

One of the best things about New York is its street grid: avenues go from North to South across Manhattan and streets from West to East. This makes it very easy to get around. It is also the kind of city layout that I came to miss when I returned to London, where streets seemContinue reading “Building Down.”

Salt & Charcoal, South Williamsburg.

I miss this restaurant. Located on Bedford Avenue in South Williamsburg, it is a Japanese grill that is probably also the first restaurant that I became a regular of. I first went in at the start of November last year and watched my monthly bank statements reveal my regular visits every month after that. TheContinue reading “Salt & Charcoal, South Williamsburg.”

The Library of Congress.

There are some buildings in the world that look as if they have literally descended from another. St Paul’s Cathedral and Sagrada Familia are two of them and I am blessed to be living very close to the former and to have visited the latter a couple of years back. I found the third inContinue reading “The Library of Congress.”

Sweetleaf, 135 Kent Ave., Williamsburg.

There is this place on Kent Avenue in Williamsburg that makes the most surprising coffee I have ever had. I discovered it last autumn when my friend visited me from Virginia and I promised to take her someplace where they made good coffee. I was surprised myself by how good it actually was, when I orderedContinue reading “Sweetleaf, 135 Kent Ave., Williamsburg.”

Free on Freemans Alley.

On 1st of January this year, I ventured out on a long stroll through New York City. I walked across Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan and a few streets into the Lower East Side found Freemans Alley. It is a place known for two things: the former is interesting graffiti and quirky advertising messaging (here someContinue reading “Free on Freemans Alley.”

Lindos. The Prettiest Village in Rhodes.

It’s been eight years since my summer holiday to Rhodes Island, Greece. To this day, I hold it to be one of the best holidays I have ever been on. I vividly remember that the way I spent my time was representative of an ideal holiday and of an experience I would like to repeatContinue reading “Lindos. The Prettiest Village in Rhodes.”

Mustang, by Ford.

Towards the end of my recent six-month stint in New York, I kept exiting the subway at Bedford Avenue, taking the wrong exit (as always) and running into a Ford Mustang. A hot, red Ford Mustang. It stirred a drive to go on a road trip when the winter cleared. Drive it out of NewContinue reading “Mustang, by Ford.”