“You’re the girl who’s studying Brand Management, right? Good luck!”

“Thanks!”  One of the perks of the lockdown, and there haven’t been that many, has been the opportunity to know my local area and my neighbours better.  There are five parks nearby, and I could easily knock myself out looping through all of them for my daily dose of physical activity if I wanted to.Continue reading ““You’re the girl who’s studying Brand Management, right? Good luck!””

Small Steps Sometimes Feel Really Useless.

I walked home from Madison Square Park last Thursday. I thought it was going to be a much shorter walk, yet somehow I got lost around Chinatown and ended up at the foot of Manhattan Bridge rather than Williamsburg. Relieved I had come across the bridge that was going to take me back to Brooklyn,Continue reading “Small Steps Sometimes Feel Really Useless.”

Of Feathers That Turned Cold.

A while ago, I found a sparrow on the cold sidewalk. It had fallen frozen to its death. I felt sorry for it but I kept on walking lest I was late for my appointment. A couple of blocks later I decided to go back and pick it up to see if it was stillContinue reading “Of Feathers That Turned Cold.”

Standing At The Right Hand of God.

Behold the terrifying face of war stealing childhood away from a little boy. Behold fear and terror, as this little boy’s heart is beating out of his chest, as he realises his face and his hand are full of his own blood. Behold a child turned into a man before his time, the tears heContinue reading “Standing At The Right Hand of God.”