Loving Simple.

My love of simple started last year, when I read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. I immediately put the learning to practice and de-cluttered all of my belongings. I felt overall relieved at the end of that exercise and satisfied with the look of my wardrobe, among other things. I likedContinue reading “Loving Simple.”

The Soup Kitchen Sanctuary.

Some line up as early as six o’clock in the morning no matter what time of the year it is, even though the doors open at same time every week and there is always more than enough food to be had. Still, they come – little old ladies with grocery carts, middle aged men. Black,Continue reading “The Soup Kitchen Sanctuary.”

The Slaves We Do Not See.

I am riding the bus to see my friend in Virginia on a Wednesday evening. I look outside the window, from the safety of my seat, and see towns, supermarkets, and houses disappear in the night. The bus keeps driving and will arrive at its destination in an hour and a half; my friend willContinue reading “The Slaves We Do Not See.”

The SATC Appeal.

The clothes. The make-up. The hairstyle. The location. The interior design. I’m watching Sex and the City 2 and I wish I had it all – a conclusion that testifies to the fact that even people who work in marketing cannot escape its appeal. Or perhaps that I’m just attracted to this kind of glitz.Continue reading “The SATC Appeal.”

Music and a whole lot of attitude.

Music heightens emotions and brings stories to life. In the world of film, soundtracks go hand in hand with the plot wrapping audiences in an emotion or course of action. The original soundtrack for ‘Gladiator’ was the first to leave an impression on me. Composed and performed by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard, themes suchContinue reading “Music and a whole lot of attitude.”

My love story with animals continued.

I do not find it easy to see animals in captivity, depleted of their habitats, killed for sport, used for testing in medical laboratories, or born, bred and raised to be killed on a production line. It’s a too dehumanising a fate for creatures that are so beautiful and complex and that, in the end,Continue reading “My love story with animals continued.”

“Midnight In Paris”.

I have recently watched “Midnight In Paris”, the film that Woody Allen directed in 2011. It has cemented my passion for his work all over again. Its tourist-like beginning reminded me a bit of “Vicky, Christina, Barcelona” and, in a way, of the initial moments of all his other European films that introduce the idyllic,Continue reading ““Midnight In Paris”.”

Walking Out of Cărtureşti Today.

I envied cats for the nine lives they are said to have. Because if I were a cat and able to live all my nine lives in parallel, I would use one or maybe more of these lives to live in a place like Cărtureşti or in a library and read up all the booksContinue reading “Walking Out of Cărtureşti Today.”