The last supper.

The looming lockdown has made me revisit the tips and tricks that helped me when the world closed down this spring. And I remembered the parks in the vicinity and the autumnal views that they now offer, Newington Green with its delightful artisanal shops and eateries, the park in the middle of the square where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while nearby mothers rain yellow leaves on the toddlers who are playing in the grass.

There is a suite of go-to feel-good places such as Jolene, Big Jo, Hot Stone and The Hoxton that I visited in the weeks preceding this second lockdown in a bid to socially recharge and take away some pleasant memories. There is a suite of dishes I’ve sampled for the same reasons, too. 

The beauty of these autumnal walks and places is that they have reminded me of the autumnal walks and places around Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg and Dumbo, too, pivotal stumping grounds that I have been visiting and stop-start living in for the past four years ~ and being able to revisit them albeit mentally at the moment has been the truest treat.  

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