New kids on the block.

I have found my fix for when I’m not at The Hoxton.

You might know by now that I am a big fan of The Hoxton, the open-lobby hotel with three establishments in London and several outposts in other parts of the world. The views of their outpost in Williamsburg, NY, are breathtaking. 

However amazing the establishment may be, I cannot always spend as much time there as I would like. Surrogates are required even in a pandemic to give this millennial access to coffee, juices and smoothies, brunch food options, and a semblance of remote office space.

I am for this reason glad that I’ve found a surrogate in the vicinity. Music & Beans is a local coffee shop that won me over this summer by popping up on Green Lanes and putting a humble breakfast pita on the menu. The key ingredient, tahini, has made me visit the joint specifically for this dish several times now, which in my books means this place matters. Good coffees, very good hot chocolates, pastries and brunch food on the menu, as well as the space for remote work, a local star is born through Music & Beans. These are some very cool new kids that have arrived on the block and I like them.


From The Block 

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