This Saturday at the recommendation of Monocle I stepped into Jolene in Newington Green and that is when it hit me. Damn, I first thought, this place is so packed you cannot throw a needle. Damn damn, I secondly thought, this place is even better than all else I have seen in South Williamsburg, the seat of my two most favourite eateries in the world.

Does this mean that London has gained an upper hand over New York in my mind? No, but it has surprised me pleasantly over the past four months. Who knew there were so many interesting places in Stoke Newington, Newington Green, London Fields and Notting Hill. 🙂

Jolene is the kind of place where I swear even Cobain would hang out if he were still alive and show up for brunch on Saturday morning. I bet no one would tell him he had to wait to get a table. The crowd is creative, eclectic, millennial, the waiting staff is interesting, the décorum is minimal, yet exclusive, the food is greit.

This place will be around for years.

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