To my children.

As you are conceived and born into this world, I would like to think there will still be sufficient beauty around when you arrive for you to understand this place and why it has been created to begin with.

I will make sure that as you grow up you will be able to run barefoot down country roads, unsettle the dust and make your way to me with flaming cheeks letting me know you got yourselves into trouble.

The food you eat – you will know it is the fruit of the land around you and you will see it grow, pick it, you will unpick it. You will be able to touch it with your hands and smell it and you will connect with it beyond the transparency of a barcoded cellophane which I will make sure will not be there.

You will know your feet need to touch the sand and the grass barefoot instead of asphalt and you will know that animals belong in the wild and that they are a lot smarter and intuitive than we actually like them to be.

You will live in a home of infinite simplicity and you will know it is enough. You will have a Mom and you will have Dad, far freer, wiser and wilder than I will ever actually be.

– Good luck


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