Men + white socks = Big “No-no”, please.

They say fashion is always changing, but aren’t we supposed to learn from our mistakes? Or does that apply to our personal and professional lives only?

I beg to differ I am hereby typing out loud a question that has been on my mind for a couple of months now: where have all these young men in their white socks come from?

We have been telling men for the past twenty something years that the colour of their socks should ideally match that of their trousers, jeans or shoes and be, the occasional exception aside, non-white.

Is there some sort of an 80s revolution (should I say, involution) happening in the world right now, with men rebelling against the non-white rule and sporting white socks ideally with above-the-ankle jeans and Nikes, just so you see all of that sock and all of that whiteness? Kind of like in a Colgate commercial? (Shot in Shoreditch?)

Could we go back to black and manhood, please? The John Travolta Grease age is so over and you’re no Andy Murray on the courts at Wimbledon sweating it out for a world tennis championship title either.

Sorry. Not sorry.

In the words of a friend who recently told me she lost it at the sight of a Whole Foods opening up in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, “I can’t even deal”. She’s American, so in British English that translates as “It is very upsetting” or even “Quite troubling”. Which means it is really serious business, indeed.

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