Gelato, Gelato, Gelato.

I am certain mankind has invented gelato to cope with summer and with heat. Nowhere is this more apparent than Italy, where gelato is not just the ingredient that cools you down and prevents you from a heat stroke; it is also a way of life.

Lunch at La Menagere done half an hour ago; feeling like a dessert? Sounds like the right time for a three-scoop gelato, caramel, coffee, hazelnut to be precise. Walked all the way down to Il Ponte Vecchio and you cannot bear the heat? Sounds like the right time for another gelato. Showcasing chocolate, caramel and some other flavour-fillers. Had a good couple of hours’ worth of a walk around the city and you would like to treat yourself for the effort? Why not sit down on the stairs of the museum and enjoy the EUR 10-worth of gelato that you’ve just bought yourself. In the case of this particular cup of gelato, I do not recall the flavours I was enjoying. Only the price.

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