There is a lot of coffee manifesting itself in my life at the moment, be that in my personal life, where I seem to have come to a point where I drink coffee instead of water, be that in my professional life, where I look after a nice little coffee brand.

I am a coffee lover anyway, I prefer my cups to be Americano, most recently Coconut Flat Whites, and as a rule of thumb soya or almond Lattes with a touch of nutmeg on top. Revised after my trip to Florence: double espressos are my new Americano.

I haven’t yet visited the Coffee Festival in Brick Lane. I feel like punching myself for not having got there so far just to stick my nose in a bag full of freshly ground coffee and take it all in.

Here is a marvelous thought: God has probably made water from coffee (not the other way around). Discuss.

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