Middle Class Problems.

In a recent walk around Exmouth Market, I found myself perusing the shelves of a lovely bookstore in the area. A little book caught my eye. It is a tongue-in-cheek collection of Tweets sent out by fellow people who have faced different challenges in their daily activities. In the words of Kim Kardashian, “the struggle is real”. 🙂 Here is my favourite challenge. It simply … Continue reading Middle Class Problems.

My Italian Fix.

My recent trip to Florence has renewed my penchant for Italian food and I hereby declare myself a pasta lover for life. (I may actually go and buy myself some ingredients for pasta making right after I am done with this post.) I have several weaknesses when it comes to the Italian cuisine, aside from pasta. Some of them range in the antipasti department, i.e. … Continue reading My Italian Fix.

If You Like Cars, visit “Bond in Motion.”

On a recent Friday afternoon, with a little time to spare, I visited the London Film Museum. I was incentivised by “Bond in Motion”, their exhibition of cars that had featured in James Bond films. Am I glad I went, because the exhibition proved itself to be a great display of four-wheel vehicles that had graced the film franchise since the 1960s. It is difficult … Continue reading If You Like Cars, visit “Bond in Motion.”

The Experience of A Lifetime.

More money does not buy happiness. More things do not create more meaning. As I find myself at a point where my daily needs, wants, and desires are met, I find myself dissatisfied. Surely there is more to the daily existence beyond the commute, the meetings, the projects, the phone conversations with family and friends, the cooked dinners. I wonder what an existence where I … Continue reading The Experience of A Lifetime.