Shenandoah Park.

Shenandoah Park was a treat not just because I got to see a beautiful park and its colours at the start of autumn. It was a treat because I got to spend a day in the company of a dear friend, who has been living in the States for more than a decade. She and I spent the morning driving from Manassas to the park, chatting and listening to music on the way, stopping at drive-through shops and ordering late breakfast treats.

At Shenandoah Park, we decided on the trek to follow and set on it. It was difficult to keep walking and looking straight ahead when all the trees around were displaying and adorning autumn colours. It was like a symphony of colours everywhere, playing on different tones from tree to tree.

At some point on our trek, we stopped for a sandwich at the foot of several giant trees. I told my friend that I was hoping Heaven would be like a long-stretching beach with a villa full of the world’s best books, endless white curtains floating in the gentle breeze. It would only be me and the Great Lion walking down the beach from dusk till dawn, I said to her.

I am very happy she consented.

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