Month: August 2017

  • Shenandoah Park.

    Shenandoah Park.

    Shenandoah Park was a treat not just because I got to see a beautiful park and its colours at the start of autumn. It was a treat because I got to spend a day in the company of a dear friend, who has been living in the States for more than a decade. She and…

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  • Vocal Media.

    I have found Vocal Media, a publishing platform where you can post your stories for the wider world to read. I feel the benefit is that the platform already has traction, bespoke communities with bespoke interests and followers. I have decided to post there every now and then as a way of channelling the energy…

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  • Travelling to me.

    I forget about everything and everyone when I travel. Maybe that is why I would like this to be a permanent job. Always in transit. Always escaping. Always seeing something new. My only commitment would be to always being free. My soul is that of a gipsy. That is half a blessing, half a curse, for…

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  • Alice Austen’s House.

    To get to Alice Austen’s House, you need to take the ferry from Downtown Manhattan into Staten Island. I did just that one Saturday afternoon at the start of January keen to make sure I ticked the location off the list of the 111 places I should not have missed in New York. Staying true…

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  • The New York Public Library.

    The New York Public Library is one of those emblematic New York buildings, right there on the map of the great buildings that make the city memorable, alongside the Empire State, the Chrysler, Grand Central Station and the Waldorf Astoria. Built in the 19th century with support from the Lenox, the Astor and other wealthy…

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  • From Cradle To Grave.

    There are many things in a city that tell a story. Old buildings tell a story, old streets tell a story, museums and art galleries tell another story, the official and the polished one. The back alleys, the derelict buildings, the gardens whose fences have been broken and never fixed, the cars that have been…

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  • Insights From A Weekend By Myself.

    Contrary to last week, when I spent Saturday and Sunday at friends’, I managed to spend the past couple of days by myself at mine’s. OK, the place is not actually mine, it is a rental; nevertheless, I have been living here for about a year and a half and it is to all intents…

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  • Bryant Park.

    I love Bryant Park. A jewel of a place. With me since the first time I visited New York, took the 7 into Manhattan, got out at 42 Street, lifted my eyes and saw the skyscrapers opposite the train station; then turned left and saw the sea of trees and the park. With me when…

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  • The World is Huge at the M Museum.

    The World is Huge at the M Museum.

    Museums are usually very large repositories of culture, geography, history and science. They dazzle through their size, their displays, their permanent and temporary installations. You typically need to plan for a whole day out when you visit a museum and take a break mid-visit for refreshment. It happens to me all the time when I…

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