A Weekend At Friends’.

I have been spending the last couple of days at my friends’ in Canada Water, a blessed part of London, one stop away from Canary Wharf and promptly serviced by the Jubilee Line. Truly – a reason for jubilation. You could be dealing with the Metropolitan instead. (I don’t deal with the Metropolitan line but other unfortunate commuters in London do).

It has enabled me to cement some convictions with regards to my future home, which I will pen here – so that I hold on to them when I finally have my own place and don’t kill it with other shenanigans.

  1. Minimalize all my possessions before going into my new home.
  2. Choose all white monochromatic interior design or a two-tone one at most (in which case, pick white for walls and furniture and warm brown for floors).
  3. The home needs to look and make me feel like I am living in a concept hotel. Which is why I plan to buy and ‘live’ in a white bathrobe every day, especially at the weekend.
  4. The home needs to be well aired, which is why I will open all the windows all the time, except when I sleep so that I don’t wake up with puffy eyes. And also don’t get robbed. Or worse.
  5. In order to enable my relaxation (after a hard week at work), a variety of music and sounds will be played in the background. At the moment of writing, I am sitting at the dining room table with forest sounds playing.
  6. In order to perfect the concept hotel experience – and finally wake me up after spending the Saturday recovering from a week at work, the home will be equipped with a Nespresso machine. At the push of a button, the machine will deliver several ounces of pure joy (what else?), which will fill me with great ideas for what to do the rest of my weekend.

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