Chocolate galore.

A friend of mine was going through a healthy season last season.

One Saturday afternoon, as she was moving house and packing her stuff (all her stuff), she invited a couple of girlfriends over to put everything into boxes, chat and indulge in a couple of glasses of wine and homemade food.

The recipe du jour was homemade chocolate mousse. While I cannot remember the exact ingredients that my friend had used, I do remember that I was taken with the lushness of it all and immediately registered it as a favourite.

I have since made this recipe a couple of times mixing the ingredients I recalled my friend had used and – it turns out – adding a personal touch, too.

This is how I now make raw vegan chocolate mousse:

  • Firstly crush two ripe avocadoes
  • Secondly mix the crushed avocadoes with cocoa powder
  • Thirdly add honey to sweeten as preferred
  • Fourthly (optional) serve with strawberries

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