Scandinavia On My Mind.

I fancy a trip to Helsinki when autumn or winter sets in. I am thinking October or early November to pair it up with my birthday (2nd of November if you are asking. I live for this day 364 days a year).

I am thinking I will make a list of the main things to see; check in at a swanky hotel (I don’t like that word but it seems to do the trick); remember to make sure the hotel has a sauna; snuggle up in warm clothes when I go out; drink mulled wine that I buy down the street; eat in Scandinavian-designed coffee shops; take a hot bath when I return to the hotel; fall asleep in my bathrobe (I always do when I travel) in the middle of a king-size bed; pull the duvet over my head and gather all the pillows around me to keep me warm.

Sounds like a plan.


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