Month: June 2017

  • Once upon a very hot Neapolitan day.

    Once upon a very hot Neapolitan day.

    Boy, is Naples hot. In the south of Italy, it boasts summers that are properly hot. The pavement is melting -; you are driving down the street and your car or scooter wheels are gently sinking in the tarmac -; you hydrate and twenty minutes later you have sweated all your hydration -; you are…

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  • Barcelona, lona, ona.

    Barcelona, lona, ona.

    Here is a throwback to a city that I liked as soon as I set foot in it. I did blog about it when I visited it three years ago; I went on about its architecture, architectural details, and its ideal mixture of sea and mountain landscape. Here is a throwback to its beautiful beach…

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  • Sunsets in Botswana.

    Sunsets in Botswana.

    Dusk. My favorite time of the day. Dawn too actually but unless I’m up at that hour to got to set or a photoshoot I usually just catch the other magic hour, later on the day. African sunsets are my favorite, especially the ones in Botswana. Something about the bronzing in the light blue sky…

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  • Williamsburg state of mind.

    It’s not walking down Bedford Avenue and trying out the different coffee shops and restaurants. There’s a different post for that. It’s jogging down Kent Avenue all the way down past the Newton Barge Terminal Playground (which I know by name because I have just looked it up on Maps). I’m listening to music. And…

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  • Chocolate galore.

    Chocolate galore.

    A friend of mine was going through a healthy season last season. One Saturday afternoon, as she was moving house and packing her stuff (all her stuff), she invited a couple of girlfriends over to put everything into boxes, chat and indulge in a couple of glasses of wine and homemade food. The recipe du…

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  • Reading “Sex and the city”.

    I can see where the TV series got their tone of voice from.

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  • Building Down.

    Building Down.

    One of the best things about New York is its street grid: avenues go from North to South across Manhattan and streets from West to East. This makes it very easy to get around. It is also the kind of city layout that I came to miss when I returned to London, where streets seem…

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  • Scandinavia on my mind.

    Scandinavia on my mind.

    I fancy a trip to Helsinki when autumn or winter sets in. I am thinking October or early November to pair it up with my birthday (2nd of November if you are asking. I live for this day 364 days a year). I am thinking I will make a list of the main things to…

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  • Salt & Charcoal, South Williamsburg.

    Salt & Charcoal, South Williamsburg.

    I miss this restaurant. Located on Bedford Avenue in South Williamsburg, it is a Japanese grill that is probably also the first restaurant that I became a regular of. I first went in at the start of November last year and watched my monthly bank statements reveal my regular visits every month after that. The…

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  • Inside the cage @MMA.

    I didn’t think I would find cage fighting interesting, but I did. My friend got tickets to an event in Atlantic City in February and we drove there for the day. We mainly went to see her kickboxing coach fight for the championship title. His fight was 10th in a set of 12. I thought…

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  • The Library of Congress.

    The Library of Congress.

    There are some buildings in the world that look as if they have literally descended from another. St Paul’s Cathedral and Sagrada Familia are two of them and I am blessed to be living very close to the former and to have visited the latter a couple of years back. I found the third in…

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