Rules of Engagement.

I like long holidays by the beach and endless walks across London, New York and the world’s different towns and cities, so that I can feel their pace and get to know them; the magic of a well-lit boulevard and the seclusion of a hidden, noiseless street; the scent of freshly ground coffee, brown chocolate made with lush vegan ingredients and grilled seafood ideally served by the sea.

I like making my own food and enjoying it at home, although it is always interesting to discover the world’s cuisines and the places that serve it.

I like getting up in the morning and spending half an hour in bed with an interesting book and I like falling asleep with my window open and feeling the breeze.

I like summer days and nights and the humidity of summer heat, although I have recently discovered that low temperatures alert my instincts in a unique way.

I like walking into a room and thinking that everyone’s eyes are secretly paying attention and a couple of other things that I will not write about on a public domain.

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