10 All-Time Favourites.

  1. Book: The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde. I find the conflict at the core of the story fascinating (Dorian Gray sells his soul to experience all the pleasures in the world. The toll this takes on his life is reflected on a painting of him, which deteriorates more and more as his delves deeper and deeper into the existence of his choosing. His beauty nevertheless remains unaltered even as he ages and time moves on.)
  2. Car: Range Rover. I love everything about it and find its design empowering and fascinating.
  3. City: New York. I’ve loved this city from the first time I set my foot in it in July 2005.
  4. Colour: Burgundy. Mysterious, passionate and warm.
  5. Film: Gladiator (2001). I watched it so many times that I know it by heart and can probably (still) recite it from beginning to end. As reference, places 2 to 7 are held by Quentin Tarantino films (“Deathproof”, “Django Unchained” – also a serious contender to #1, “Inglorious Basterds”, “Kill Bill” (Volumes 1-3).
  6. Perfume: Always Pure Poison by Christian Dior. I get seriously annoyed if I smell this perfume on other women.
  7. Places to live in: In the country (where I grew up), somewhere by the beach in the summer (think a scorching Greek Island), somewhere really cold in the winter (think Scandinavia), New York (all year round).
  8. Shoes: Stilettos. Red and black.
  9. Song: I can’t decide. There are songs I like sprinkled all over this site.
  10. Sunglasses: Aviators.

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