Rules of Engagement.

I like long holidays by the beach and endless walks across London, New York and the world’s different towns and cities, so that I can feel their pace and get to know them; the magic of a well-lit boulevard and the seclusion of a hidden, noiseless street; the scent of freshly ground coffee, brown chocolate made with lush vegan ingredients and grilled seafood ideally served … Continue reading Rules of Engagement.

Sweetleaf, 135 Kent Ave., Williamsburg.

There is this place on Kent Avenue in Williamsburg that makes the most surprising coffee I have ever had. I discovered it last autumn when my friend visited me from Virginia and I promised to take her someplace where they made good coffee. I was surprised myself by how good it actually was, when I ordered a decaf soya latte and tasted it to find an … Continue reading Sweetleaf, 135 Kent Ave., Williamsburg.

Free on Freemans Alley.

On 1st of January this year, I ventured out on a long stroll through New York City. I walked across Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan and a few streets into the Lower East Side found Freemans Alley. It is a place known for two things: the former is interesting graffiti and quirky advertising messaging (here some work by this guy called Dirk). The latter is Freemans, … Continue reading Free on Freemans Alley.