Lindos. The Prettiest Village in Rhodes.

It’s been eight years since my summer holiday to Rhodes Island, Greece. To this day, I hold it to be one of the best holidays I have ever been on. I vividly remember that the way I spent my time was representative of an ideal holiday and of an experience I would like to repeat in the future.

Roasting in the sun

For about ten days my days started with breakfast and comprised non-stop sunbathing sessions on the beach (with a two-hour break at lunchtime for food and a nap, which helped me avoid the more dangerous sun hours).

Day after day, I got browner and browner until I remember going back to work at the end of my holiday and my colleagues being amazed at the chromatic transformation I had gone through.

Exploring the island

The only break I took from roasting in the sun, although quite stingily, was to go on a one-day boat trip to the village of Lindos on the other side of the island.

It struck me on my way there that that sailing the free seas might have been a good career opportunity in a previous life (should such a thing exist). And I figured that out while my hair and skirt floated in the wind as the boat cut through the waves.

I remember admiring the Greek coast from the deck and imagining what it might have looked like a hundred, two hundred, three hundred years ago, particularly as we passed some of the ruins on the island.

I remember closing in on the small port of Lindos and seeing the local acropolis distinguishing itself atop the highest rock in the port. What a sight of wonder, civilization and knowledge it must have been in antiquity.

Sensations of the day

I vividly remember the walk from the port to the top of the acropolis. It was a hot summer day and I admired the traditional Greek houses painted white, as I walked uphill. The only spots of colour were the house doors, some red, some blue, some black, and the pink flowers adorning the house entrances.

The view atop hill showed the sea on the one side and the village on the other. A blue and white sea altogether and I wondered again what life must have been like in this village on a daily basis.

The view that has stuck with me most is that of the umbrellas on the beach, the port, its boats, the clear blue sky and the sea in the background. So postcard perfect, I can still see in in my mind.

The taste I remember is that of the freshly caught octopus, which I enjoyed – albeit grilled, at a restaurant on the beach.

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