Mustang, by Ford.

Towards the end of my recent six-month stint in New York, I kept exiting the subway at Bedford Avenue, taking the wrong exit (as always) and running into a Ford Mustang.

A hot, red Ford Mustang.

It stirred a drive to go on a road trip when the winter cleared. Drive it out of New York and towards the West coast possibly on the famous Route 66. Wearing daisy dukes and a plaid shirt. My hair perfect. Stop at gas stations in the middle of nowhere to fuel up. Stay in motels.

It is quite incredible what a nicely designed product can do to you and to your imagination. In a recent meeting, I told the person who asked me what car brand I saw myself as that I saw myself as (that) Ford Mustang.

He said being modest was not a trait of mine. I say it’s a challenge to be awesome.

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